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    Get away with it undetected... pfffft. Say what? First off, now lets assume that a good 96% of attacks are automated. This is usually why people still see what would appear to be instances of code-red four, five, six, maybe even seven years after the fact.

    to us professionals.
    Now your just trying to be funny, Capt.

    All this talk about hacking , cracking etc, has to be viewed in a historical sense. I have books where hackers are deemed to be hero's in terms of Unix etc, the books are in fact 30 yrs old. Todays kids have to define what they mean by hacking, I'm sure it is a totally different concept from mine.
    Actually my grandma used quite alot of computers back then... from what she has said, at no point did she and her co-workers run around like a bunch of "t3h ****in' l33t h4xAaarrrRz". And if people called her names like that... she could have probably have gotten alot of jerks fired for it too.

    Mean while its always the "hackers" who choose to be called that simply because it sounds cool. Computers for them aren't so much as anything other than some tool to fit into some mainly text based *cough "social setting"... its all about keeping their image in the hopes of being something. Anyone with a true interest in computers would realise that by now and just shut the hell up and enjoy messing around with their computers without the constant need to "be something".
    Just because I felt a need to quote it yet im beating a dead horse by posting any more but you know, I'd just like to share the fact that I've never in my life have seen someone toss the H word around outside the context of insults & jokes yet actually do anything particularly new or even as far as something cool with a computer.

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    Originally posted here by panther_black

    This thing has been bothering me fr quite sum time now-
    If put this way dat hacking is not bad but actually productive dat it helps cure loopholes in software i.e. u try and hack into sumbody's territory and mean to cause no harm....u r actually trying to hack and then tell the one hacked dat there is sumthing wrong with his software....but u r caught while hacking then obviously ppl r gonna consider u a criminal then u actually get screwed wen u were trying to help....
    Dear $diety in $utopia, give us a break. That is f$cking pathetic.

    - http://www.m-w.com/
    - http://cctc.commnet.edu/grammar/
    - http://englishplus.com/grammar/

    I understand that for many people, the primary language of this site (English) may not be their native tongue. But this isn't a case of not knowing English well.

    As TheSpecialist has indicated, you throw the word "Hacker" and references to "Hacking" around the way Paris Hilton shows her genitalia around. Knock it off unless you really understand what you're talking about.

    If you are trying to 'hack' someones computer to 'help' without their 'permission', you could very likely get 'ass-raped' while in 'prison'.

    There is nothing ethical, proper, and in most places legal, in regards to 'hacking' a computer system where you don't have consent, permission, or authority to do so. How would you feel if you came out of your house and found some guy with tools under the hood of you car, doing things to it without your permission? Don't owna car? Ok, try this...how would you feel to come home and find some stranger doing things with your food, or water supply, or medication? Would that make you comfortable? Then why is it any different with a computer?

    If you don't own it, leave it alone. As Black Cluster says, intentions are never enough. The best of intentions will still get you sent to sodomy-row in the penitentiary.
    "Data is not necessarily information. Information does not necessarily lead to knowledge. And knowledge is not always sufficient to discover truth and breed wisdom." --Spaf
    Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made president should on no account be allowed to do the job. --Douglas Adams (1952-2001)
    "...people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right." - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

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    Let's cut right to the chase...if you don't have consent then don't do it...I don't believe for one minute ' good intentions ' are involved at all...otherwise you would perform the courtesy of getting the permission in the first place...you just want to see if you can ' hack ' a box or two and use that as an excuse to do it...and so you can try to use that excuse to get your butt out of the frying pan when you get caught.

    ' oh...but officer, if you look at my post on AO you'll see I wasn't trying to do anything...really! '
    cough...ya, right...cough


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    The best hackers are normally those with the best intentions. Ever watched the movie "Sneakers"? They get paid for robbing banks. The same works for the major software developers. They pay you to hack into the software and identify the loopholes and loose threads. Of course, there is the non-disclosure/confidentiality clause for that.

    Otherwise, any hacking activity you do would be considered as being done with malicious intent (no matter how "Samaritan" you may think you are), ergo constitutive of a criminal act.

    BTW, anybody ever saw a study done on the psychological-social motivations of hackers? I'm mightily interested--yes, I know it's primarily ego--but since I have already obtained a study on the psycho-social motivations of terrorists, I might as well look for the case of hackers for my interest in cyberterrorism.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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    Originally posted here by Black Cluster
    this is called penetration testin
    I thought that was Paris Hilton's second movie?

    - MilitantEidolon
    Yeah thats right........I said It!

    Ultimately everyone will have their own opinion--this is mine.

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    its so ****ing ridiculous how long this has gone on, i can't believe people still come here and ask about "hacking," post threads about "hacking," etc.. just keep the word "hacking," from entering a thread title, and we would get rid of 90% of this ****.

    all these cats think they know whats going on in this techie world, its hilarious, really, to think about the enormous amounts of idiots who live and dream to crack their next box, or destroy their next network. It's a game, if anything, and a game they will all eventually lose. They aren't elite, never will be.

    you real seniors know me, neggo.

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