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Thread: how to Fix the "SAMSUNG" cd writer problem

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    how to Fix the "SAMSUNG" cd writer problem

    I am using "samsung" cd writer, but it is creating problems, I have burn my new (CD-R/RW) for 1 time, and I tried to burn it again, the message is appearing,

    Title bar:CD-R/RW SW-252F:Waiting for disc
    Nero is checking for this disk please wait..
    to burn this multisession compilation you need the disk that contains the previous backup sessions. Please insert this disc if you not have already done so.
    Disc required for the comopilation CD-R/RW
    Disc type in the recorder: (empty)
    It has been done for many times. How I can get rid of it, Thanks for help.
    Why this message appears?

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    I have LG CD-RW and it happened with me once , not exactly like this but my drive was not writing for second time on once already used CD-RW, and after trying different method, here it is that worked.

    If files already on RW Cd are important, copy them to any folder in PC and then erase that CD completely, now after that write these earlier files as well as new files on disc in one session and then choose mulitsession(if you want that). your work will done.

    a friend later explained to me that this sometimes happen due to different speed ratings of CDs and Drives, or anything like use of different software in each writing session. you can check into that also. For speed ratings it was like use of max speed a drive can write on old disc or use of disc with 4x max speed with drive of higher speed and so on.
    To check this case use a disc with good speed like 10x or so.
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    Are you sure you chose a multisession when you started on this disk..
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    HAng on are we talking Multisession or creating an extra copy? (that is doing another disk useing the same information)

    so what disk are you useing, is it a CD-R or is it a CD-RW? your saying CD-r/rw ??? We know the drive is r/rw..

    so what exactly is happening..
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    I seem to recall a similar problem.............I think that Nero needs to be told that it has finished, and to be cleared down, otherwise it tries to repeat the previous job?

    What operating system and version of Nero are you running?...............there is a box across the room that has a Samsung 40x12x40 so I can try to recreate the situation?............as Undies asked, a bit more detail would help

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    I am using nero version on win98se. and I am using cd/r on samsung cd/rw.

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