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Thread: New foundstone utilities

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    New foundstone utilities

    Hi all,
    Check out some more tools from foundstone esp cookiedigger with some nice clean features.

    CookieDigger helps identify weak cookie generation and insecure implementations of session management by web applications. The tool works by collecting and analyzing cookies issued by a web application for multiple users. The tool reports on the predictability and entropy of the cookie and whether critical information, such as user name and password, are included in the cookie values.
    for download http://www.foundstone.com/resources/...okiedigger.zip

    Hacme Books™
    The Hacme Books application simulates a ‘real-world’ eCommerce bookstore and was built with known and common vulnerabilities to teach application developers, programmers, architects and security professionals how to create secure Java software. Leveraging this new tool, software developers and architects can examine real exploits against Java applications and learn from the offending code in order to better understand vulnerabilities and how to repair them.
    For download http://www.foundstone.com/resources/...hacmebooks.zip

    For having a information about foundstone's other tools.

    Excuse me, is there an airport nearby large enough for a private jet to land?

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    thanks. about time they released something new.

    should make a note to archive those little apps. you never know when they are gonna pull that **** off the internet.

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    I consider the hackme tutorials to be extremely valuable. They're great for anyone putting up a web site that uses a database back-end.

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