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Thread: remivng icons from control panel-XP PRO????

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    remivng icons from control panel-XP PRO????

    Hi there,
    is it possible to remove icons from control panel(delete them) and if it is how it can be done?
    xp pro 5.1.2600

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    Googleling with your thread title without the winxp part and with fixed spelling errors gave me :

    This As a second result.


    Now what is hard about that ? I think that googling this took shorter then writing a post here would take.

    Dont you agree ?
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    For XP Pro...

    Group Policy Editor:

    Start > Run > type in "gpedit.msc" (without the quotes) > Enter.

    Use left tree to find > Local Computer Policy > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel.

    With Control Panel on the left > dbl-click "Hide specified Control Panel..." on the right.

    Use dialog box, select "Enabled on the Policy" tab > click the Show button.

    In the Show Contents dialog box > click Add > Type the icon name as is listed Control Panel and click OK.

    Repeat last two steps for other icons you want to remove.

    After all the names of the icons are entered, click OK 2x

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    sry to bother and take your time but i think thats why i am here and u more experienced guys to help us.
    sry once more to take your time
    sry about spelling
    some of us dont have english as first language
    would like to see you writing in mine

    ty for your answer your are helpfull as always and i successfully removed icons

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    Ok, english is not your primary language(mine neither, it's my 3rd actually), but you DO know what sry means, is it hard to type out SORRY ? Makes posts look more serious, makes you look more intelligent.
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