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Thread: Motherboard problems :(:(:(:(

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    Motherboard problems :(:(:(:(

    Hi u guys!
    Hows things going?

    I bought for 100 bucks a used motherboard ASUS and a P4 1.5 and 256 MB (Rimm) of Ram, it was for an upgrade to a PIII...
    so, i got home, removed the old board and replaced it for the new one, but it doesnt work

    It makes a bip (forever..) and nothing happens, no screen, nothing..just beep..

    The current power unit is 250V...
    The board is used
    The memory is 64+64+64+64 Rimm
    The board is an ASUS WT70 EC

    HereŽs a pic of the Board

    Can anyone explain what could it be? It didnt came with manuals etc..

    It was kinda of a bargen..for me at least..

    Thanx guys in advance!

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    Do you have a P4 power supply? It will have 2 more cables that will go to the system board plus the regular ATX. A 4 pin ATX and a 6 pin Aux connector that looks like half an old AT connector

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    Ups..i though it was that, cause im using the old power supply unit..for the Pentium III..

    moron :S

    Thanx whatthe, tomorrow im gonna buy one, hope isnt expensive..

    Tomorrow iŽll tell ya the results, how it went.


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    Well I was looking for a solution before I saw that the problem has likeyly already been solved. But I might as well share what I found in case that may be the problem.

    Taken from the manual for your motherboard:

    B.1 POST Beep
    There are two kinds of beep codes in the BIOS. One code indicates
    that a video error has occured and the BIOS cannot initialize the
    video screen to display any additional information. This beep code
    consists of a single long beep followed by three short beeps. The
    other code indicates that a DRAM error has occured. This beep
    code consists of a single long beep.
    I found your motherboard's manual at http://www3.fujitsu-siemens.com/serv...c/handbuch.zip
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    I think its the power supply..because its a regular 250V for a Pentium II/III...but the beep is single and long, though it happens with and without the Rimms..

    I can only check it tomorrow.

    Ill post here the results.

    Cheers and thanx for the replays!

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    I think I'm not reading this correctly. You said you bought an ASUS board and you linked a picture of a DFI board?....... Or is that a pic of your old board....the DFI?

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