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Thread: With two handles: From XP Home becomes Professional

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    With two handles: From XP Home becomes Professional

    The computer magazine c't describes in the current expenditure, how the Home edition transforms by a small manipulation into a Windows XP Professional. Such a conversion can be very meaningful for many, because Windows XP Home edition does without some important safety functions.

    It is probably not necessary to make a ' drilling out ' over a nachruestung with functions from the Professional version. It goes many more simply, because Microsoft provides on the installation CD already a nearly adequate XP Professional. The change of two bytes in an installation file with the help of the Registry editor produces a version, which installs itself afterwards as XP Professional.

    The advantages of an armament of the operating system are particularly in the safety area. Only with the professional version one can work without Admin rights, which prevents the most viruses and Trojaner to unfold on the system. "it remains unexplainable, why Microsoft did just with the Home version without such safety functions", so c't expert Axel Vahldiek.

    With XP Professional can be configured also user accounts and groups by far more simply. Also that access of the job PC to the domestic system by remote Desktop folds loud c't with the rigged system. To an adequate Windows XP professional are missing however some few functions. "is worth however alone because of the better virus and Trojanerschutzes", thus Vahldiek transferred.
    Source: http://www.silicon.de/cpo/news-itser...l.php?nr=21383
    Note: Use translatator (i used babelfish.altavista.com) from german to english

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    I'd have to double check, but I belive one can get into the administrator account on XP Home and then set up new users with only a 'limited' account.

    .... i'll go check as I know where a box w/ home is on it

    --- edit...

    yesch, I can set up a limited account on XP Home w/o having to do any changes in the registery.
    1- boot into safe mode and logon using the admin account
    2- go into the control panel and make a new account with limited access
    3- enjoy

    you can proably do this with the users account that was set up when the box was first built also.


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    You can also use the secondary account editor in XP Home, Go to "Run" and they "control userpasswords2" without the quotes and it will load up a different account editor and you can set groups like Limited, Guest, Etc.

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    A reason for XP-Pro over home... DISABLE SIMPLE FILE SHARING
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