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Thread: repairing .mdb file

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    repairing .mdb file

    hello AO,
    recently bumped across a problem and after googling it alot, i decided to share it with AO. I recovered an accedently deleted database (Microsoft Access .mdb file) by using a third party tool GET DATA BACK. I was able to rcover it completely, but when i tried to open the recovered file, it said "unrecognised format". I tried to fix it with the help of bulit in compact and repair utility in MS Access but the problem presisted. I tried to fix it through JET utils, but still the problem is there. I have completely recoverd the database file but i am unable to open it. Any guidance for that would be appreciated.

    My OS is Windows XP professional and the filesystem is FAT 32.


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    I was able to rcover it completely, but when i tried to open the recovered file, it said "unrecognised format"
    Then apparently you failed to recover it completely.

    What does the vendor, guessing getdataback, have to say?
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    Is it possible that, along with the .mdb file, there is an associated index file? I am only guessing here as I have very little experience with access, but many databases use more than one file for a databse.

    But somebody should know, in any case.
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    I'm not sure about more recent versions of Access but all that was required in the past was the .mdb, (the indexes were held within that too).

    If you are getting the unrecognized format message then your database is almost certainly damaged beyond repair. It only needs a small amount of damage to offset the entire database and make it unreadable.
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    I have used GetDataBack for a while and it is a good program for recovering accidently deleted files. If the drive has been formatted and written over, then chances go down from there.

    There is other data recovery software out there, but if the file or a portion of it is damaged then I doubt you will get it. You can spend big bucks if you want and send it to one of those big data centers. They charge alot though.

    good luck


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    With Access version matters too..

    Make sure you have the same version of Access that the database was in.

    I have this problem with 97, 2000 access.
    97 cannot read the 2000 version...and comes up with that error

    Just thoughts.



    see if you can try and read it with Crystal reports.

    And make sure your AV is disabled from scanning .MDB files.

    Also the database may link to another database....so you maynot have all the files.
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    You can try Recover My Files, i once recovered 10Gb for a friend of an acidental format.

    there are several options of recover, you could try with "format Recover", i belive that he will try to recover sector to sector..

    Good luck

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    Striek wins a cookie!..................there were .mda and .mdb files.

    I think that "da" stands for "data application" and "db" for "database"

    Now these two are indexed and cross related, so what you need to do is re-build that relationship, as it is obviously broken.

    It would be best if you tried with a "clean" recovered version, rather than one you have messed with. Also you may now have to go and recover the xxxx.mda component as well. At least get the two files together in the same folder.

    Please let us know the version of Access you are using.

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