I know this is past news, but it is still curious that the French voters defied their government and voted against the EU treaty, which I thought they would, in general, support. However after reading the 'whys' the French feel they way they do - I understand completely. Unemployment is just over 10% and economic reforms enacted by their government have not improved their lives. Man does that sound familiar.

Don't get me wrong, nationalism and patriotism is great, even to bleed and die for - but the French vote against the EU Treaty and the general reasons stated by the populous seem to point to a government that is greatly ignoring what the people want. Something perhaps we have seen in our own country at one time or another.

What is also curious to at least me, is that Germany, along with eight other EU memebers have ratified the treaty, but France declined. I thought Germany also had unemployment in the double digits and was experiencing a severe cut in it welfare/unemployment services to it's less fortunate - so why the difference in voting between France and Germany - especially as it seemed, at least those two countries wanted the EU to have this treaty to start countering the US both in economics and in the military. I thought both countries would vote the same way - either yes or no. Also - will the EU treaty help all of the EU members, or only a few - or will the more developed members work to bring less-developed members up to par in areas of finance, health, economics, education, etc.?

Well, the Netherlands started voting, and it will be interesting again to see what happens: