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Thread: RAM Issue

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    RAM Issue

    I previously had two 64 MB SDRAM in my only two memory slots. Today I got a 128 MB SDRAM chip from my friend. When I installed one 64 MB and one 128 MB chips, the system however detected 128 MB RAM only. Both are 133 Mhz and 100 MHz compatible RAMs. I have prevoiusly also tries combining 64 MB and 128 MB slots. That was successfull. If the system is not compatible with 128 MB chip, then it should not detect it all. Why is it detecting only 64 MB? Please help

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    depending on the chipset on the mobo..

    the 128mb stick will only be detected as 64MB. this is due to the stick being single sided.. it would seem that your mobo is happier with PC100 RAM.

    even though the board is 100/133 compatable.. it isnt reliable to install 2 speed types of memory.. problem like random freez, random errors even system not booting
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    I think even if you do get them both to work your system will run at the lowest one being 100..I t is definitely worth it to just put in the 128 alone and get it to run at 133.It will be much faster..I might be wrong here but isn,t the 128 mb ram,s access time faster than the 64..??If so it is a must definitely..

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    What is the make/model of computer and the motherboard?

    Have you actually had a 128Mb strip working in that machine? I have seen motherboards that will not support modules more than 64MB.

    I am not quite clear what you are saying..............you put in the 128 and it is only recognised as 64? If you only see a total of 64Mb, please insert the 128Mb on it's own and see what it says.

    I would be inclined to test the 128Mb strip in another machine as well. It may be damaged?

    Your memory may be rated PC100/133, but your motherboard may not. It might only be PC100? Now, PC133 might be normally expected to work, but if you have mixed PC100 and 133 you might have problems, particularly if the clock latency is different. At the very least they will only run at 100MHz vanman is quite right there

    As Undies has pointed out, mixing memory speeds is not a good idea.

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