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Thread: Need some books to read ...

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    Need some books to read ...

    I enjoy reading a lot...

    So if you guys/ladies have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

    P.S. I'll read anything .... politics, science etc whatever ....
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    The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (read A&D first though) ....
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    Anything? Maybe I'll just divide it into fiction and non fiction...

    Non fiction: A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. It explains all the major theories and the principles behind them, and how they shaped the universe, and how we think the will shape the universe. It does it in a way that (almost) anyone can understand. I thought the math would be too advanced for me. Much to my surprise, there was none. It really leaves you with a whole different view on the nature of time and space and thought. I read the whole book in one sitting. Couldn't put it down.

    For fiction, I would recommendthe Lord of The Rings. Even if you personally don't like fantasy, look past the fantasy element and treat it as a vehicle to the points wh was trying to make whan he wrote it. It touches on every great subject in human literature. War, peace, love, romance, prejudice, hatred, friendship, loyalty, adventure, the big things, and the small things. Tolkien spared no expense in his effort to provide the reader with the best setting possible, and to explain the setting the book was placed in. And remember Middle Earth, its history and characters, were the man's LIFE'S WORK. Anything that anybody devotes an entire lifetime to creating deserves reading at the very least. The number of subplots not only enriches the storyline, but provides for a much more detailed setting as well. He describes battles of biblical proportions, near death encounters, hero sacrifices, terror, joy, and can draw the reader into an entirely surreal state of mind. It is a window into one of the most creative minds in history. But what I liked best, and never saw until the second time I read it, were the constant, almost subliminal comparisons between the universal and the insignifigant, and thier dependece on each other. So in short, it was a great book (or 3 or 6) and I would highly recommend it. The detailed description is given since a lot of people never read fantasy literature. I never did either, thinking of it as the lowest fruit on the tree. The Lord of the Rings changed my opinion of the genre altogether and forever. But don't just watch the movie. The book was far more detailed and not nearly as rushed. They trimmed the "fat" from the book; the story is the same without it, but with Tolkien, the "Fat" is the best part. If you only watch the movie, you will not be left with the same impression as reading it. You will never meet Tom Bombarillo or learn the history of the Brandywine river. You will never see the folk of Buckleberry, or the elves from a far away land. You will never see the zenophbes of Mirkwood. The parts they left out of the movie are the parts that gave it REAL character. It is a classic along the same lines as Cather in the Rye and Huckleberry Fin. Simply a book that all educated (wo)men shout read. Unfortunately it's place as a fantasy novel ascribes a certain prejudice to it which it does not deserve. Just remember that in its entirety, the story is over 2000 pages long. It gets a little drawn out in quite a few places when people are much more used to quicker, faster, 300 page novels in these days.

    Ang AS, how about you return the favour? What books have you ever read which you would like to recommend? I'm sure that, if you are asking for literery recommendations, you must have some of your own already.

    I realize this post is not exactly structured, and makes no sense. Neither does my brain right now. I hurt my ankle AGAIN a few hours and am now completely doped up codiene so I can walk. I'll edit it later so it will make more sense. Apologies.
    One more thing. Tolkien's ending was better than the movie's ending.
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    1- Mustafa Barzani and the Kurdish Liberation Movement by Massoud Barzani, Ahmed Ferhadi ...
    2- Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism by Cornel West
    3- Mien KampF {My Struggle} by Adolf Hitler

    I like reading politics a lot ... if you have time why don't try to learn a new language ... i like learning new launguage ...
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    Dont worry Striek I never make sense half of the time.

    Just remember that in its entirety, the story is over 2000 pages long.
    BTW I love the LTR books .. Not a big fanatic of the movies though .... Be shocked cause I had actually never heard of the LTR books until the movies came out in the theather ... I decided to watch the movies first and well I was like umm what's going on ?? where did he get the ring ?? who's that guy who's this guy ..... But once I read the books it all made sense [ especially after reading the hobbit ]. I felt a little less ignorant.

    Off Topic : I was dissapointed though that Haldir died so soon and so quickly ....

    You ever read the Bible ? I did enjoy reading it until I got to the book of Kings to many son of this and son of that ... I just about stop reading there until I remembered a promise I made to myself that I would read the Bible from beginning to end ....

    Lets see there is one book that I do like a lot I just cant remember the name ....

    [bangs head on desk]

    I do know that it was mentioned in the documentary called umm " The Corpation" [ After watching the whole thing like 2 times it really opened my eyes ] ... Some corporate guy who was being interviewed on there mentioned it ... Well the book basically talks about how were doing a lot of damage to the planet and maybe we should rethink on how we do things ....

    One more thing. Tolkien's ending was better than the movie's ending
    Totally agree ...

    Dont worry about editing ... It's good to just right your thoughts out all over the place once in a while ....

    I'm re-reading Hacking Exposed Fifth Edition ... Since some of the content in there is way over my head... Now I see why many people enjoy reading the books very interesting stuff ...

    P.S. sorry for the rambling ...

    3- Mien KampF {My Struggle} by Adolf Hitler
    Black_Cluster I did a search for that book at The Gutenberg Project but cant seem to find it. No of any other place on the net where I can find it ??? Been wanting to read that book for some time.

    if you have time why don't try to learn a new language ... i like learning new launguage ...
    Actually I can speak 2 languages Spanish[Native] and English. But learning another language would be kinda cool. For some reason I have always wanted to learn Russian dont know why though
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    My Experiments with Truth -- Mohandas K. Gandhi

    Mien Kampf--Adolf Hitler

    Two Men World Would Never Forget .............


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    Inside Hitler's Bunker [Joachim Fest] ISBN 0 330 43170 6

    Armagedon [Max Hastings] ISBN 0 330 49062 1

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    There was a thread not long ago about favourite books:


    Dune by Frank Herbert is one of my favourites, just the first book though.
    Richard Morgans Takeshi Kovac series Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies.
    Alistair Reynolds Revelation Space and Chasm City are very good the others not so hot.
    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series of course

    Don't know if you can get them but Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books are entertaining I've only read them as Ebooks. I think they are available for free now.

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    A Brief History of Everything

    This book has helped me tremendously.

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    Sorry if 5 days is a lil' late to respond (quasi-new here and the dates weren't flashing ) but I was intrigued by the topic for I am attempting to read both the Hitchhiker's Guide series and of course the lovely Lord of the Rings books this summer. Two books that I thought were VERY interesting were the two syngress Stealing the Networks books: How to Own the Box and How to Steal a Continent. Anyone else read them?

    Also, was wondering if anyone had read the Shellcoder's Handbook.. Seems a lil' advanced for me, but would push me to strive for a deeper understanding of the topic through research and what not.

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