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Thread: packet sniffers

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    packet sniffers

    Might be a dumb question but what is a packet sniffer and how is it used by wireless internet.......does it use the wireless internet detection device to detect other internet traffic or no?.....also is it worth buying for a learning tool....thanx in advance guys

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    A packet sniffer does exactly what it says. it sniffs the network for packets. There are many free ones (ethereal and snort are probably the most used) It can be used on wireless just like it can be used on a wired network. It basicly sits on the network grabbing all data it can see and gives it to you in raw packet form. from there you can use analyzers (like ethereal) to determine what is what.
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    a couple decent overviews of the topic.

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    Tonybradly's tut. might help you to understand the concept .... it is an Introduction ...

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