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Thread: Linux Networking Trouble

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    Linux Networking Trouble

    Hi I just set up my first linux box and I am a bit of a newbie at all of this. But so far I have activated the right drivers for my NIC in the rc.d files and have configured the network to dhcp, and it should get the info from my linksys router which is configured by default to dhcp. At boot the computer runs the DHCP_DISCOVER funtion, but fails and says that the network is down. The driver for the card is something like 8139too for realtek network devices. I've connected the modem (dsl) directly to the NIC with no luck, so I am assuming it is not a faulty router config... andyways if anyone could just give me some direction that would be great. Thank you.

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    We need more information.

    Modem make?
    Router make?
    Relevant init scripts?
    DHCP client server?
    Subnet setup?
    Packet capture (would make this a hell of a lot easier)?

    Basically, unelss we have more information, we will be throwing wild guesses at you, which would waste everyone's time. Each distribution, for example, keeps configuration files in different places, so we have no idea where yours are. Some routers or modems may have specific functions which you need to enable/disable. Perhaps someone here has the same one and has encountered the same problem. What you are asking is akin to telling us your car will crank, but not start, and then expecting a complete diagnosis. Is it the battery? The spark plug wires? The fuel injectors? The air intake? (you get the idea...)

    Anyway, good luck with your problem. Post some more detailed info; zip it up if there's too much of it.

    I hope we can get you online.
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    I realize that was a stupid post, sorry about that, anyways I got it to work. The only way for it to work though is after I load the KDE desktop to run bash rc.inet1. Strange, anyways sorry for the lame post.

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