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Thread: MS Word Document Security

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    MS Word Document Security

    I have recently taken a position in a small company, a previous employee has put a password on a document used for a report, the template needs to be editted due to a personel change. Unfortunately, this document has been password protected. Any ideas on how to open this document to allow editting?

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    Copy and paste the entire document into a new document or search Google for a .doc protection cracker... I found a few within a few minutes.

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    It would help if you told us what operating system and version of office you are using.

    If it is Office 97, you don't even need to bother with a password cracker. The security is merely to stop things getting amended by accident It is "protection" rather than "security"

    By the way, you say "template" so it is xxx.dot you are looking for, not xxx.doc


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    I'm pretty sure I've had to do this before. You might want to try opening a new doc in Word and then using Insert, File (choosing the password protected file). You can then save the new file with the old file contents in tact. It should strip the password.

    If I am wrong I apologize. I do remember that I found how to do this using Google.

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