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Thread: RegCleaner: File Types

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    RegCleaner: File Types

    This might not be in the right section but there were three or four places I could have put it so I dropped it here...

    Trying to clean up my system using RegCleaner...my focus right now is on ' File Types '...

    there are many file extensions that have no description or say N/a...I've tried to check some of these extentions on the sites below...

    Computer File Types

    List of File Types

    High-Tech Dictionary File Types

    but many aren't even listed.

    Does anyone know what type of extensions I should be looking for that " DO NOT " belong there? Or can provide a list or a site that I can use to identify these items so I can either keep or delete?

    A list of 20-40 ' spurious ' file extensions would allow me to at least compare to what's on my system.



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    Although it's a bit late for you
    You COULD have run HJT as soon as you were happy with your set up.
    That way, at least you would have had something to compare against in your quest.

    [always remembering to use HJT as and when you add / remove programmes]

    As it stands, the bad guys use the SAME extensions as the good guys
    so, you have to look at the whole name to begin the task of cleaning.

    Macecraft have an easy to use cleaner that has a 30 day trial period.

    Use it to clear out your registry, at least all of those marked as none existant / obsolete etc, this will give you a starting point. When the trial runs out, if you like it, you could always buy it, or just re-D/L ?

    I've used it on dozens of PC's [mainly XP] and just clearing out the above mentioned has never resulted in a PC dying on me ..............

    THEN you can Google for the remaining FILES........................
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