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    Im new and i am looking for on-line training in computer networking and security. I appreciate any help.

    Thank You


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    Don't know about the USA :

    But I'm using these for my study purposes.

    Or I've had EMails [unsolicited - Spam ish] from these

    And these

    As stated I'm UK based, SO they might not DO USA, but I'll post these in case anyone who CAN use them is interested.............

    And welcome to AO
    Luck with your training.
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    I don't know what you have at the moment, but I would recommend looking into the CCNA from Cisco for starting you off with networking(Doesn't cover much on security at this level. I believe one of their higher ones might). I'm doing it at the moment (actualy part of one of my A-Levels) and it seems quite for basics of networking. Although it is focused on using Cisco equipment because they run it, it does include some good overall basics. It isn't completely online, but they have Acadamies around the world. you could look and see if there is one near you here . Hope this helps.

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    I checked out the website you sent and it looks like a good one. I requested info from a on-line school here but havent heard anything yet. Thanks for the fast reply and help.

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    I hate using this stupid line, but you should kind of check google. I kid you not, type in free online computer training and you will get plenty of things.

    I do have a question though, do you want actual courses or do you just want reads. Ie... Do you want the knowledge or the certification?

    If you want the knowledge, there are a million and one places to look, starting with here. If you are going for the cert. don't know of any free ones.

    But, I would say start out with IBM, and M$ they both have a really large area for papers and reads. That are free.

    Depending on what area of networking, and what area of security you are referring to, I might be able to get you some more stuff. I will recommend looking for email reponce groups. They are helpful, and they let you help other people, at the same time get a crap load of people to answer you question.

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    It's hard to say what will interest you the most if you are just starting out. I started with the latest Hacking Exposed book. It covered all of the basics and I have been able to find things using search engines like Google since then to further my knowledge.

    Hope this helps.

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    SANS reading room, has 1500+ white papers written be 'students' pursuing their GIAC certifications. The topics and audience will be varied, and a lot of it may be over your head, but there should be some excellent 'how-to' sort of papers in their as well.
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