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Thread: Where to start

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    I would agree with Zen, if you are totally new to this, start with the very basics of TCP/IP, Network Topologies, network communication and playing with OSs .... I would again insist on having a lap computer for learning purposes .... find a cheap one .. and start playing with everything .... install firewall and start testing and observing your computer behavior .... Don't take this as a pure game ... be serious with results ...

    And one of the most important things, is participating in specialized public forums like AO ... you will learn enormously about many things .... it just needs willpower and presistance ....


    \"The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards - and even then I have my doubts\".....Spaf
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    I need a starting point, which types of security i should start with, what I need to know before I begin this venture, and any other help would be appreciated.
    As I'm sure you know their are several different security fields each with their own unique pro's and con's I personally would recommend starting off with learning Operating System security for Windows NT (2000/XP/2003) I would recommend getting a practice PC (test PC) load your favorite OS and learn how the security mechanisms works for that specific OS inside and out.

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    Hey Hey,

    In the past I'd have been spouting off the same stuff that everyone else here is... and it is valid and there's merit in it... for a lot of people... but not everyone.

    Right now we're doing CCNP3 and CCNP4 in 10 weeks. In watching some of the students in the class, I've realized that you can't tell someone how to learn something... If you do, they'll never actually learn... they'll spout regurgitated crap and then they'll flop when they try and apply the "knowledge".

    You need to be inquisitive, and read, and practice... but then again... maybe you don't. "Practice" can become monotonous and actually make you lose interest. I've setup VLANs so many times now that I shudder at the thought of having to configure them.

    There are people in my course, that can't learn by reading... They read the textbooks and just get lost... they need it explained to them... If you're this type of learner, then reading will just be a detriment to you.

    If you can learn by reading, then read... but if you can't... then perhaps you should look for some visual aids. The Hacking Exposed books come with DVDs that demo portions of the book, Iron Geek has some great videos on his site (http://www.irongeek.com)... If you aren't a visual learner either, then find someone in your area that can mentor you and maybe meet with you weekly to walk you through the stuff.

    Get in good with the Comp Sci teacher at your high school... It can often be quite beneficial... He (or she) can explain things to you outisde the context of class, you can use him (or her) as a sounding board for ideams and theories that you may have. It's also a good way to get yourself extra time on the school computers. In HS I ended up spending my spare once a week helping out with one of the lower comp classes... it was a great learning experience.

    That in itself is about he best way to learn... Teaching others... Even if you just take your parents or neighbours and start explaining to them how to clean their PCs properly and things like that... It will reaffirm your knowledge and as you continuing explain the same things, you'll notice little things that will expand your knowledge.

    Playing is a good thing as well, don't think of it as practice... take time every day to just play... just surf around the net... follow links.... read the blurbs and download the tools.. and play with them.. experiment....

    One minor thing you may want to consider if you're going to stick around here, which is a good idea, is a nick change... Your name seems very skiddie-ish... and it might not go over well with some members... but that's just a suggestion.. it's not the be all and end all.

    Anyways, I've piped in with my two cents.. so I'm off..

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    hi exploit,
    I dont hold as much experience as many of members and pretty much learning stage now. And here is what i have learnt so far. when i started, i got higly excited by all talks on board about security issues and wished i posses this knowledge and so i started out. i download and collected all tools and books i could lay my hands on and got linux on dual boot on my pc and voila i started out.

    and here today i have these lessons.
    1. be persistent, it is ok to make mistakes just foolish to repeat them and not learn from them, go for reason why something went wrong.
    2. Be inquisitive but dont do that without doing some research on your part, that will make your mind creative and will really tell you about what area of security you like better,
    3. It takes time, be patient, i am still not at good level, still i dont know much about linux but yeah i know my windows good( not bright though , but hey i got my pc back with 6 months gap in between).
    4. you are your own best teacher, everyone else can oly explain things to you , but wha tyou learn is up to you.

    these are things i have learnt till now and still more to learn, i have to make my DSL USB modem work on my pc :-) , wish that in few days my post will be from that OS. he he

    It\'s all about sense of power.

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    Originally posted here by The Exploit
    Well im not really looking for a job right now, im only going into tenth grade. But, i figure if i start learning now about what i need to know, ill be a small step ahead when going to college and eventualy getting a job. But thanks for all the help so far.
    A good area to look at is SANS (www.sans.org). Great resources on the site and also great training available, although you may want to look at the training a little later on down the track, it is usually aimed at those with some past experience.

    Hope this helps

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    Some things you might want to consider before you ever watch those hacking exposed DVDs. First off, there are no naked chicks and its not the real world stuff though they claim it is... it just is not. In real life you setup a machine to automaticly scan and attack others, you forget that this computer ever exists and reap whatever rewards that come afterwards. Lets face the facts kids... real criminals have lives, jobs, and not much time in between to play with nmap, a few exploits, & netcat.

    I've read the book itself and found nothing more than a few definitions of words, instructions on how to point and click a few programs, and where to download them. In the end I felt insulted and ashamed that I had spent quite a few bucks on this book. The title alone would have normally been enought to draw me away from it but I was conned into buying it because people here kept praising this book so you know... I wanted to see what the big deal was I guess. I dunno... I still don't see it. Thanks alot guys.

    One minor thing you may want to consider if you're going to stick around here, which is a good idea, is a nick change... Your name seems very skiddie-ish... and it might not go over well with some members... but that's just a suggestion.. it's not the be all and end all.
    Change his nick pffft... how about this nick, "screw u HT". Incase he doesn't want that one, I'll proudly wear it just to give Neg another laugh. Anyways... I was one of the first members with "The" in my name then other people started doing it. Its not his fualt all the cool variations of my name are taken. You yourself have just suggested a book that covers things with the touch of dare I say the phrase... "kiddie-gloves".

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