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Thread: Win2k tooo slow

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    Question Win2k tooo slow

    I have Windows 2000 on my computer with Pentium IV processor. My
    computer works very slowly especially at startup. I have tried
    Defragmentation and Disk Cleanup options. Also there is enough free
    disk space in memory. Plz tell me wat i should do.

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    In my experience. 2k was never a fast booter.

    Someone else may know more though.
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    What is the rest of your spec?

    I had 2000 running nicely on a P3 733 with 256Mb ram so it should be fine on a P4.
    Is it a full P4 or a Celeron. Celerons suck.
    Is your hard drive a 5400rpm drive. Sometimes they can cause a bit of a lag over the 7200rpm drives but not a huge amount.

    Might be worth scanning your machine for spyware if you haven't already.

    This tut should help out, it covers a lot of things that might be giving you trouble.


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    Win 2k is a resource-hungry OS. I think few people use it for home purposes ..... this OS is usually used for network environments .... as to how to make it faster just disable unnecessary services ... aget rid of unwanted programs .... and upgrade your hardware ... this is what I can help you with ...

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    Hi Guys!

    Hi Guys!

    Nice to be back!

    First, is your Win2K- Professional Edition or Server Edition? as we also used the Server Edition here in the Server Farm, it is intended to be used in a Network Environment and act primarily as Server and therefore need higher hardware specs (CPU, RAM, HDD space).

    Is the slowness only on startup or all throughout the process as in browsing, shutting down, etc.?

    First guess, if slowness is only on startup, the HD in which Win2K was installed could be a slave drive (unusual but you could check it as well).

    Second, when did this happened? Long time or just yesterday, last week? What is the last thing you have done before it happened?

    Otherwise, could be some malware like the other guys are mentioning.

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    What do you mean by too slow?.............in comparison to what?

    Mine (first one in the list) takes around 20 seconds from entering the password, and it loads a lot of stuff

    Also it takes a while to get to the login because it has to load all those security policy and other stuff.

    If it is slow whilst you are using it, that is a completely different issue...................

    Can you give us some examples of what you are doing and the time taken, also the precise specifictions of your kit. Then I can try to do some benchmarking for you.

    I can use :

    P4/2.26Mhz, 1024 PC2700 RDR 7200RPM HDD
    Athlon 1900+ 1024 PC2100 RDR 7200RPM HDD
    Athlon 2200+ 1024 PC2700 RDR 7200RPM HDD

    I guess we then compare times and what is starting and running?

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    Get Crap Cleaner

    Run it with its default settings..........

    This way you can discount the build up of 'temp' files etc.

    Perhaps you've wondered, "Is it just me, or is my PC getting slower?" Well, your PC is getting slower, as what we affectionately call gunk collects in it. Gunk is data, files, and programs you don't need, and debris from applications you've uninstalled. It's the entropy of hard drive fragmentation, and chaos in the Windows Registry from abandoned or corrupted keys. It's spyware and adware, which beyond compromising your privacy can slow your PC and make it unstable

    The link gives PCMags 5 steps.
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    I just tried that from Foxy~ no problems at all.............. and I shoved it up the rear end of an Armadillo..............

    Sorry, a heavily defended test machine

    It might work, but come back we will get there


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    now i have win 2k professional edition with 256 mb ram and yes i have spyware and anti-virus on my comp....i have tried both i.e adaware lavasoft and norton anti-virus.....

    the comps not slow during logging on but when the desktop appears and all those applications at startup r running then it becomes damn slow....so slow u mite think its hung r sth....

    the last thing i probably did b4 comp became slow weeks ago was downloading loads of things....but then i have removed most of these once the comp did get slow and have tried cleanup tools like disk cleanup and defragmentor as afore mentioned

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    I would suggest getting hijackthis and posting a copy of the log file. If its slow loading stuff at startup, I would venture to guess you have way too much loading at startup.

    You can get this at http://www.odcnt.com/~zenger/files/hijackthis.zip

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