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    See those flashing dates on this thread. It's old, 14 months old. Don't reply to threads with flashing dates.

    How do i download torrents from an FTP!!!
    You don't. You use a torrent app. Read the thread more closely.

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    Torrents are like this. One person has the file on thier computer. They began to "seed" or share the file. They do this by connecting to whats called a "tracker". The tracker lists all of the people sharing/downloading the file. When you download the torrent and start it, you connect to the tracker, and get a list of "peers". Each peer you connect to gives you part of the file, not the whole file. The more peers you connect to, the more parts you get at the same time making the download faster. At the same time, you are uploading the file to others.

    I reccomend utorrent. Its lightweight and very stable. http://www.utorrent.com
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