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Thread: firefox problems???

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    firefox problems???

    every time i exit firefox and i start it again in few minutes nothing happens.
    i have to go to ctr alt del to kill it as it always stays in proceses?
    its happening all the time?
    any suggestions?
    uninstal and install again?
    or anything else?
    xp pro
    512 mem

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    First try running firefox in safe mode. Does it still happen ?

    If not then it is most likely a plugin. Disable them all. then reactivate one by one and see what is the crulpit.

    If not then try reinstalling firefox. If in doubt make sure you get rid of you profile too.
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    My experience is that this happens when I have a crash, so it sounds as if you are not getting a clean exit out of FF?

    Make sure that you clear the browser cache, java cache, history, unwanted cookies and all that, then go for what MoonWolf has suggested.

    Does this happen when you run FF OFFLINE? please try it. If it does then disable your firewall and try it, and disable your AV and try it.

    This is a wild shot but if you have a large volume of temporary, cache, history and whatever files, and your AV is set to scan on file close, this could be the problem?

    just a thought

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