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    1. for all users on current computer
    2. yes
    3. yes. stop all that not allowed to startup and prevent startup of if some installaton of "unwanted/not allowed" programs was done.

    -> may be also disable/block installation
    //is it easy do it if windows connected to win server?
    // too far away outside of limit

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    You ever thought about applying some security polices to your users? Making them "restricted users" this would make them not be able to install any new programs.

    However, if you are looking something that will prevent a user from installing a certain type of program I would like alittle bit more information on what you are looking for.

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    Cut me some slack please, I have the dentist tomorow.............yeah!.....it hurts that bad!

    I now understand, but painkillers kind of elect you to politician status?

    I shall help, if you are not sorted by Wednesday.........Johnno promises...........

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    Simple discribe:

    Some programs are using blacklist and allowing all other to run
    Other programs are using whitelist and blocking all other from run
    And some just keeping asking user for action or just allowing to remove some items.

    So I what to know what programs are using whitelist.
    Becouse most of all software using blacklist or nothing at all.

    I hope that you can understand my quiestion now.
    Thank you
    // too far away outside of limit

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