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Thread: Computer Vulnerablility

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    Computer Vulnerablility

    I am a college student that is taking a network security course. In my class we are pen testing computers in a controlled environment. I have no idea what operating system what I am trying to penetrate, but using netcat to Identify the open ports I have come up that itís a windows 2000, o2003 server. Here is my results of the scan of netcat:

    root@l19msftxps14 hping2-rc3]# nc -v -w 5 -z 1-1204
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 1088 (?) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 1038 (?) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 1028 (?) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 1025 (?) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 636 (ldaps) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 593 (?) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 464 (kpasswd) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 445 (microsoft-ds) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 389 (ldap) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 135 (?) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 88 (kerberos) open
    dpsvr2003.mtolympus.local [] 53 (domain) open

    Then I used putty in telnet and entered in ip address and port 593. Then came up with ncacn_http/1.0 and then did a Google search and came up with this vulnerability http://www.eeye.com/html/Research/Ad...D20030910.html

    So my questions are: what is the best way to get into this computer using this vulnerability? What are some other ways to get in this computer, and any words of advice?

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    If I had a dollar for every time someone posted on AO that they are taking a pen testing course and would like an explanation of how to penetrate a system, Id be loaded with cash. Why does your being in a pen testing course entitle you to a public (this is a public forum) description of how to perform a most likely illegal act? The odds of you using this information legally are so slim that it isn't worth the risk. I've read your other posts and dont believe your BS story. You're a skiddie and you should probably stop posting here for a while.

    BTW everyone else....here is an example of the questions this guy asks:
    How do you get past deep freeze? this sucker takes out everything that i use to have fun. What would be the bestr way to get buy it's deffence. I don't know howso if anyone can help that would be great

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    Thats great that you brought up a 05-08-2003 post. I feel like i waited long enough. When you can bring a post up that is two years old then tell me to wait? That is a kick in the ass if you ask me. The last post that i put up was help with my wireless, and that was in 2004. All i was asking was a word of advice, not a solution.
    Also this is in a controlled enviorment, and hold no risk to anyone but myself.

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    Oh get off your damn high horses.

    You ****ers cling to this holier than thou morality... just so you can get a ****ing ego boost and feel superior to some newbie.

    If you don't want to help, then don't help. You don't have to lay in on a huge ****ing morality lesson.

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    Hell Neutron, you wrote a tutorial on making a password cracking cluster.. and this guy is just asking a question, get bent you *******..

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