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Thread: Cyber Crime $$$ figures?

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    Cyber Crime $$$ figures?

    Hey. I'm writing a paper on cyber crime and it's impact on the world for school. I was wondering if anyone knew a good site that showed stable and valid figures for losses related to cyber crime damages. Examples include DoS, and Data theft.
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    There are no accurate figures. Simple as that.

    Lemme explain... A cracker breaks into a network... He exploits a security hole that is already there, he didn't introduce it.... He does his thing and leaves.... The admins notice the penetration.... They take the network down.... now... the company doesn't actually _lose_ money from not having the network... they are just denied the possibility of income?... the company then makes up a ridiculous figure about how much the security hole cost to fix...

    The real issue is this... The company had the security hole... isn't it their responsibility to fix it anyway? The cracker didn't create the hole, he/she just used the hole. Why should the cost of fixing it be blamed on the cracker?

    The only time you will get an accurate figure on cybercrime is when money or assets of some sort are stolen, and even then... how do you value something that's proprietary?

    Good example of this... the E911 case... THe company claimed the document was proprietary and worth $70k. Turns out you could buy it for $19.95 from another company.

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    CSI/FBI Survey 9th Edition might be of help (it's free but asks for registration).
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    Here's some more to go with MsM's and CopyRight's...

    Ethics, Computer Crime, and the Impact of National and International Laws.

    Science and Technology - Computer Law Division - Privacy & Computer Crime Committee

    Beware the Kindness of Strangers: The Case Against Good Samaritan Hackers


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    BusinessWeek had 2 really good articles In the past two issues covering cybercrime figures. How much people made, how much damage to countries and how many credit cards and stuff were reported to be stolen. I'll post the article names if i can find them.
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