Just got the following note on Full Disclosure:

Hello list,

We would like to announce a new service to the security community at securityfocus ,its about buying new,private exploits.
So if you are looking to profit from your findings - the place is irc.exploits.cx the main chan is #exploits , details can be found on the /motd or you could just ask in the main channel.

Our IRC network also supports ssl - irc.exploits.cx port: 9999

We're looking forward to see you online!

best regards,
exploits.cx staff
Now, first off. I'm not a coder. I'm lucky if I can get a "Hello World" program to work. That said, I can -- sorta -- figure out most exploits/POC and the gist of what is being attempted.

But for the life of me, reading this email, I cannot see anyone taking this seriously. Now the email seems to suggest that they are representing SecurityFocus (?? -- Maybe a misread on my part) but if I'm a company who does pentesting or a company wanting to ensure my security or even if I'm a blackhat, I'm gonna know myself or have someone specialized in those fields rather than take a huge risk and buy exploits from a complete unknown.