Hey Hey,

The post above is far from acceptable as far as the spelling and grammar go. I read the first couple paragraphs and there were several typos and spelling mistakes... This site is just like anywhere else, it's a professional form of communication... proofread, spell check, do what it takes... I can live with a typo, we all make them, I can also live with a couple of typos, or a common spelling mistakes... but I cannot live with many typos and spelling mistakes that don't even make sense... and I will neg and attack people that can't take the time to correct their work... There's even a spell check bottom at the bottom of the page, or go into Word and use their spelling and grammar check... Makes a few mistakes.. that's fine I won't say a word... but post garbage and I'll comment.. especially if you're posting a tutorial... That's something that should be proofread, hell it shouldn't even be composed in this textbox... So no.. that post was definately not acceptable.