I remember DoppleGanger as a peer, a while back.

We have had our differences in the past few days, yet my intentions were to make Dopp realize that it is very important to be responsible as fellow member.

I have not always, or ever been the model of information, and self control, so I would be remiss to classify myself as a Model of AO society, yet I beleive that the bullS$%t should be kept to a Minimum. I am in most cases a Lurker, yet I have managed to stay within the guidelines set out by AO, both while JP was around and beyond.

I have communicated in a very positive way with Dopp, and we have taken the high road.

I am glad to support him as a part of AO.

On the other hand...................

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Barry Sig-
"you confused me with someone who gives a flying **** about antipoints."

No Barry you confused yourself that we would not use them to get rid of your impotent ass.

---End Rant