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Thread: Hacking hotmail.

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    Hacking hotmail.

    Alright... here's the scenario... There's this guy, and I know he's a terrorist, he's with Al-Quaida, and he's getting his orders through email.

    Can you guys teach me how to hack hotmail so I can stop the terrorist?

    I mean... It's for a good cause. I promise I'll give everything to the feds when I'm done.

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    Call the DHS and tell them what you know. The power of a subpeona is greater than that of an ******* looking to start a flame war on AO.

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    Why not just give the information to the Feds now ?

    They probably already know if they still run Carnivore

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    What can I say.... it's 3AM... I'm sitting at Kinkos, bumming around in IRC and I got bored.

    I haven't started a stupid thread since March, the last time I got banned. I mean, what kind of a troll model would I be if I didn't post something stupid every once in a while? At least this thread didn't have horny or vagina in the title.

    Besides, I already know how to "hack hotmail."

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    Carnivore is extinct like the Dodo bird.

    In that case oh-great-knowledgable-homeless-*******-sitting-in-Kinkos-at-3AM tell us how to hack hotmail. I'm dying to know.

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    I may be homeless, and it may be 3AM, BUT THE DODO IS NOT EXTINCT. They're just hiding.

    Besides... to hack hotmail, just hit "Forgot my password" You don't even have to get half the stuff right. Most of the info can be gotten very easily, through profiles and such.

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    please all go on with the flaming, It's entertaining me.
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