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Thread: Internet Sputters?

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    Internet Sputters?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this so i hope that i have this is the right spot

    My problem:

    My internet seems to drop connection from time to time. Ill explain

    I lose connection for about 5 seconds, then it acts like nothing happened.

    This has happened MANY MANY times, and i have had the cable company come out.

    It didnt seem like he knew what he was doing. I probably knew more than him. But this is puzzling

    Anyone think my Network Card is about to die? At least there cheap..lol.

    Let me know what you guys think?

    Thank you in advance

    Heh, i guess this is kindof improtant eh? Its a cable modem going to a router, then to my computer. I have the router going to my comp and an X-box. Works (the error I am having) on both systems, which makes me think its not my computer. Could it be the router?


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    My first guess would be to replace your Lan card. If the Lan card is integrated into the motherboard, use a existing empty pci slot to install it. Still having problems after replacing the Lan card? Then have your power supply checked out.
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    Connection type please! this would help ue to help you even more ....

    Initially, when you feel that the connection is down try to ping the router and any other PC on your network.... and let us know what happens ... if the ping worked fine ... then you will be suer the NIC and cable media is working properly .... if the problem persists ... try to cahnge the cable .... I believe it is not network cable nor NIC fault .... I think the problem is going to be in the cable between your router and the company teleco ....

    another thing ... when you feel the line is down try to gauge the voltage of you phone line ...

    let us know .. what happens then ....

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