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Thread: Computing Without Windows

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    Computing Without Windows

    I guess there is this new type of OS out there called.. linux I believe it is pronounced.... LEAN-NIIIUX... I read about it on yahoo tech. Although I found this sorta disheartening that the general public doesn't know anything besides Windows I am glad someone discovered this "new" OS.

    (For all those who don't know there is a hint of sarcasm in this)
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    Quote from article So when his aging,Windows XP-based home laptop suffered a series of hardware and software failures)

    I think he can only hold himself accountable for the problems he experienced because there are ways to prevent this you know..

    To discover new o/s is always a good thing I think, becuase it will only cause concern for ppl like Microsoft and keep them on their toes with regards to improvement on their software.That,s if they want to stay in the race for the future, which I think they will definitely do..
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