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    If you'd care to look at the posts I've made over the years, from d0pp139an93r to d0pp, you'll see that I post alot of useful ****. I also have fun. This is actually perfect timing because there was a wonderful discussion in IRC a few minutes ago that related to this. Unlike many of the "respected" members here, I very rarely post personal attacks, even if my post is obscene, it is generally directed at the subject and not the poster. I'm not naming names, I'm not singling people out, but if you look around AO, you'll notice what I'm talking about. The point is, even when I troll, I don't try to hurt people, I don't fall into the petty bullshit flame wars that constantly errupt here, although I will get into them as discussions. And most of all, I don't reward the flamers with the AP *******s that many others do. (Although, ever since I asked for the d0pp139an93r account banned, I can't exactly throw my weight around). I'm not saying I never make personal attacks, but I do it when I feel it is appropriate, and in a context sensitive manner if possible.

    I don't have a problem with the negs I recieved, quite frankly I could care less, I do have a problem with the message that came with them, which, for the reasons above I am not posting here, and my reply remains:

    Go **** yourself.

    That is all.

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    yes, usually a spyware remover program cant delete something because it is in use, so just make sure u go into safe mode before you try and delete something... or you could try using another anti-spyware program such as adaware but be warned sometimes if you run both programs it creates false positives so be careful and goodluck.
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    I fear I messed everything up! I deleted the regestry info and that is why spybot can't find(you are all right ) But before I do that I made a deep scan with adware and it found nothing. The only spyware that was detecting this piece of malware was Spybot.
    And should I do now? How can I find it again? And deleted once forever? And if there no keys in the regeistry, how it is possible that this malware starts??? Or it is not anymore starting but it is in my PC.

    P.S. Someone said that the thread is stupi: I'm sorry! Next time I will not make the same mistake, but I was really that my question is stupid

    P.S. And I was looking in task manager what process are running. There was nothing suspicious. Perhaps it is something that is hidding in svchost.exe
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    Someone said that the thread is stupid
    they said that it was not a good idea to add the word silly into the title.

    The bad guy is still in there, but is now dead, no reg entry, no start up capability.
    and in task manager there are quite a few [good AND bad] apps that, while not hidden, are 'masked' as svchost .................


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    Alright... first off... AdAware and Spybot detect different things...

    Second.. go through your harddrive and clean out the temp folders, and all the junk.

    You're clean. Whatever malware remains is dormant, to the best of your/our knowledge. Now, make sure too keep it clean.

    As far as svchost goes... what it does it provides a platform for .dll based services to run.
    for more info check out: svchost.exe thread.

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    No Question is Dumb....
    I have been using Lavasoft Ad-Aware for the last several years
    http://files.lavasoft.us as well as Spybot Remover....
    Use both to cross check your self.....

    And I have used "Hi-Jack This" when the spyware/malware
    problem is a stinker...... but I do not reconmend it for "Kindergarden" users
    It can cause more damage than help....

    More and more Malware programs out there are becoming a big headache
    especially if it is from a 'Wares" site or a P2P program used to get
    wares.... Now the Red Light District of the net is causing more problems
    with Sites that install software that you do not need or use....
    Ad this includes Trojan's with little mail programs in them to
    be used to send out spam from un-supecting infected users....
    And the problems are getting worse.....
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    Well... most of these problems are due to ActiveX and other "features" of IE, supposively, the next version of IE is going to curtail alot of the possibilities for "drive-by" installs, along with tabbed browsing.

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    As is stated before in this post, the reason that items cant be removed at that point in time is that they are probably in use and as a standard rule of thumb, you cant remove a file or program if it is in use. As d0pp stated, yes it all depends on the skill level of the user and the comprehensive functionality of the software.
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