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    I donno if this fits in this section

    where do you guys host your personal sites?
    do you use free hosting or prefer to pay for ones?and why?

    as for me...
    http://vhcshosting.com is currently the number one on clickherefree.com (official free hosting guide or something :P )

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    I pay for my hosting - actually i pay ALOT for my hosting - lol
    But its worth it - have never had any own time, any problems i do have are fixed very quickly, set-up and managment is a breeze, I can expand upon my hosting easily and quickly and the servers are uber-quick

    But it all depends what you want out of it - if your happy enough with basic features, no customer support, slow servers and ads get a free host - if not get a good reliable and well reviewed paid host


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    Re: Hosting

    Originally posted here by beee

    http://vhcshosting.com is currently the number one on clickherefree.com (official free hosting guide or something :P )
    That is probably because when you "sign up" (make 15 posts on the forums and ask for an account) they ask you to make a review there.

    From their application form:
    5) I agree to vote and write a sort review of VHCS Hosting here. (please answer the 4 questions they ask)

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    I host my website(s) on my own PC with Apache. It's free and there are no ads or limits on space, but my upstream is sloooooow.
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    My own site is hosted by SiteTurn.com who provide some huge amount of webspace on either Windows 2003 or Linux for rediculously low prices. It almost seems like stealing to me. I have one GIGAbyte of webspace with full support for ASP.NET and whatever webapplication that I write myself and only pay about $14.- per month.
    Unfortunately, my ISP doesn't allow me to run a webserver on my private computer so this is the best solution for me to train my own web development skills. Haven't had much time yet but hey... It's just work in progress...

    The best thing: I don't have to put all kinds of ads on my site or have other nasty limitations. It's a pretty good deal for me.

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