Hi all,
Not totaly sure where to post this, but since im getting the error with my mac, i figured here would be a good place to start. Recently (the past 2 months or so) i have been unable to delete messages in my hotmail account when using my firefox browser on an OS 10.3 powerbook G4. I can move messages to other folders, navigate my account, and change settings, but i cannot delete emails in ANY folder (inbox, junk, personal folders, etc) when using firefox. I switch to IE and Safari and the problem goes away (for those two browsers). I didnt make any changes to my firefox settings to have made this happen. Ive tried adding "www.hotmail.com" to my trusted site list, and cleared cache and history. Disabled my software firewall (netbarrier x3) and have used random wifi and cat5 connections to check my email. None of this works for firefox. Has anyone else come across this problem, or know of a possible fix? Thanks for your help.


FYI, i primarily use my mac as i am always on the go. I havent recently tried checking my hotmail with firefox on a win or *nix box, and do not know if I would encounter the same error. Also, when i check an email and then click 'delete', the little "im your browser's icon letting you know im doing something" doesnt even flinch.