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Thread: random email and i never use my real addy

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    random email and i never use my real addy

    check this out

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    And what shall we do?
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    Hey Hey,

    Both of these posts are useless and lack any information... I think I can gather what karmine was asking... but I'm unsure of what your reason was for posting Danielsd..

    karmine: a lot of time scammers, spammers, and, I guess, phishers will use scripts that will send an email to everyone at a certain domain. I don't know what your email address is but they'll take @domain.com and just insert every known name and dictionary word, or they'll brute force it and start with 1 character and send to every address up to say 9 or 10 characters or even more. a@domain.com, b@domain.com, all the way to zzzzzzzzzzz@domain.com or something along those lines.

    For example, I have a couple of accounts that are ht@domain.com and htregz@domain.com quite a few of them have received scams and spam... Sometimes they'll be blank (all email addresses will be in the bcc field) however there are times when they'll be in the CC field and I"ll see ht@domain.com, hc@domain.com, hj@domain.com, htregs@domain.com etc... It's not that they specifically obtained your email address from somewhere (however, maybe some sort of malware infected a friends computer that has your address in the address book and sent it back to the scammer)... but it's most likely the result of an email brute force attempt.

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    Greetings Karmine:

    I would caution anyone who receives an e-mail regarding any request of personal information, at the very least to call the physical source of the query. In the past I have recieved requests from banks that I do not bank with.

    Good clue as the the legitimacy of the message.

    NO bank will ever E-Mail you for an acct.#, just as my girlfriend will never ask me for the safe combi. at my workplace. hehe

    Common Sense!!!!!!!

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    Originally posted here by Danielsd
    And what shell we do?

    I think he was referring to the Shell acct. we are giving him.

    "Slaps Dan".



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    HT is right, most phishers use tactics similar to spammers and send out tons of messages to anything resembling an email.

    I would infer from the Topic (very poor forum netiquette btw...we need more info and details; it's rude to assume others will simply do work and infer your intent for you) that this is an email address you DON'T share publically and is pretty much spam free.

    But as they say, 'even a blind dog finds the occasional bone'. Treat it like any other unsolicited, unknown, and unwanted message.
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    I signed up for a hotmail account, solely so I could use MSN messenger, and within a day I had over 20 pieces of spam in that account. I have never given this account to anyone yet it was getting hit daily. This was a few years ago before hotmail had any type of spam protection. Spammers/Phishers just send out messages to every_possible_combination@every_possible_domain

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