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Thread: HP 400i/c dvd writer flashable?

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    HP 400i/c dvd writer flashable?

    I don't know too much about flashing my dvd writer. It is a DVD+ and i want it to be able to burn DVD- as well. Could flashing it solve my problem? Also what is the dangers of flashing this drive?

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    Flashing is over writing the existing data, normaly held in a chip that is read only. There are inherant dangers in doing this.

    The data you impose, has to be exactly the correct data for the chip,
    When you go for it there can be no half arsed attemps.......power out during a flash op will leave you buggered.

    Anyway as far as I know, DVD+/- ram. Is hardware dependant. Whilst flashing can overcome, such things as region coding. I don't think what you are after is possible, without changing the drive.
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