I'm running a small network of mixed platforms (win XP and Mac OS 10.3 boxes) with a Windows Server 2003 box as a fileserver. We have a constant problem of having the Macs be unable to write to or change directories when more than one Mac is logged in. I suspect there might be a connection to having one (or more) or the windows clients on at the same time.

I've checked the Macintosh share and everything seems to be in order, except that when a mac logs in, it can only see the windows share and logs in as such.

Now for the stupid newbie question: what the F*^% am I missing? This is driving me up a wall, and it makes our deadlines even more stressful due to redundant file checking and migrating to a Mac box before archiving the data. I swear, it's enough make me go get a mini and be done with it.

Any and all help is appreciated.