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Thread: IRC security

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    IRC security

    because of horrible spam problems in one of the IRC channels i moderate i am forced to try and find a way to block all connections from users who do not use a valid hostmask (ie somebody@IP address instead of somebody@somewhere.someplace.com) is there any script for mIRC that can perform this function?

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    Wouldn't this be a server issue and not a MIrc issue?

    And second.... somebody@IP address is the same thing as someone@somedomain.com, the domain just had an nslookup done on it by the server. Right?

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    We need LOTS more information to help you out. Because of the vast variation of IRC servers and services, we can't just make a snap recomendation to help you out.

    What I can suggest is you look into some eggdrop type bot's and a good shell service (if you don't have a server to run it from.)
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    Please note that not all IRC networks allow bots..

    You could also +v (voice) everyone you know and trust and make the channel +m (moderated). That way only you and your friends can 'talk' in channel.

    A kick and ban does wonders too.. So does a +n (no external messages) on the channel.
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    As Zencoder recommended using bots would be a great idea. I recommend looking at this website for information. The part I linked you too was a search for some of the antispam TCL's you can run on an eggdrop bot. These are configurable to whatever your needs may be and can get both onjoin spam and random spammers

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    A kick and ban does wonders too..
    True, however, if they are slick(well, not really), they are going to go right to the nearest proxy and come right back to hound you. There are several ways to scan hosts attempting to access your IRC server for proxy use. Take a peek at bopm. This should help you out.

    Also, SPAM bots will connect up and flood the piss out of you (along with skiz0rs). There are ways to club these idiots based on the amount of traffic they're sending to you. Again, the config for this varies so check out the docs to see how to throttle ban these irritants.

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