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    Yea enemy of the state was a great movie.
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    jurassic park is a good technology/security movie.
    That is true. If I remember correctly, the little girl towards the end knows how to operate the security systems because she's a hacker and has worked with *nix systems. The systems they used were made of Unix mainframes.

    Oh, and Hackers isn't THAT bad of a movie.. Nor is Wargames. Hackers is more a GUI graphics type thing while Wargames is a more of an out-dated sense of what went on, etc.
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    ANTITRUST..... i am agreeing with krypto there....... the intro class is giving you one great movie to watch....... you should thank that teacher.

    That is a great movie, especially for specificated questions if that is what you really are looking for to make the questions more critical or more of a chanllenge.

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    Matrix Reloaded,
    . . .when Trinity uses nmap to scan for exploitable holes in a system then downloads an exploit and applies it to gain root privileges to the machine. (you have to look close, watch what she types)

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    (you have to look close, watch what she types)
    you CAN'T leave it there ...................
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    I wouldn't want to ruin the next part of the movie for the two people in the world who haven't yet seen it.

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    The Anarchist Cookbook has some security/hacking in it, although it is a movie i have not seen it yet it, so i couldn't even tell you what it was about. we can all guess what it was about.

    although here is a good website to visit www.textfiles.com/directory

    textfiles has alot of stuff from the early 70's to late 90's of the old BBS's

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