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Thread: Computer shutting down

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    Computer shutting down

    Im running Windows XP Pro with Windows XP SP2. When my computer sits idle for a while and i go to use it, it will be turned off. I know no one is shutting it down so what could be the problem?


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    How about checking the power management settings????or FAQ,S ..???
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    Sounds like it is going into hibernation or atleast trying to!

    As has been suggested check out your power options in the control panel and adjust them to the settings you require.

    When you say idle for a while, how long is a while and does it only shut down when it is idle or when you are in the middle of something as well?
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    When you come to use it again, do you find the computer shut or once you move the mouse or press the keyboard it goes shut? ... excuse my ignorant ....

    But this problem occurs when your OS is contaminated with some bad programs and sometimes viruses:
    Update your AV and scan the all drivers
    Check power settings
    Check the PSU ...
    and after all if the problem presists.... Try to re-install your OS ... this will work, trust me.

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    Check power settings
    Check the PSU ...
    Yes.. have the dust bunnies been visiting.. also check the cpu fan for dust bunny visitations..

    have a look in your event logs.. you will probably see something in there..like lots of errors..
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    The first thing I would do is go into the BIOS and turn off all power saving options, then go into XP and do the same.

    I have come across this before, and it is usually the hibernate/sleep option doesn't work with some elements of the hardware.

    It is a process of elimination. If what I have suggested does not work then it sounds like a hardware or malware problem as already suggested.

    It would probably do no harm to make sure that your drivers are up to date as well?

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