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Thread: Apache wont work

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    Apache wont work

    Hi chaps,

    I`m working on building a IDS with Fedora using the tutorial at Here I tested apache before I started as in the Doc it it works perfectly however I have come to the end and installed BASE and Apache seems to have stopped working. I cant get it to serve up pages from ANY PC's or even itself the only way it does serve them up is by typing in the loopback address i.e.

    I have checked the firewall and HTTP is allowed I even turned the firewall off completely still didnt work, I stopped the iptables service and it wont work. I made sure that the network cards are trusted.

    I`m pretty new to linux but i`m baffled and cant figure out whats up

    can anyone help?

    Craig Dunn

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    is the httpd service started?

    /sbin/service httpd status

    also, did you utilize the servername vairable in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf?

    You have to tell it an ip and port to listen on.
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    1st this is neither a *NIX or security question. It's an apache configuration question.

    In your httpd.conf are you sure you are binding httpd to an ip/interface other than
    localhost ( at port 80.

    Often I have seen configs use an * to bind to all.

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    The server name and IP and port are specified in the httpd.conf, just find it strange how it did work and now all of a sudden it doesnt

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