I would just like to get some opinions from those who've had experience with these programs...

When it comes to enterprise-wide spyware protection, which do you prefer? Websense or CA PestPatrol? I've been playing with evaluation versions of both and I'm having a hard time deciding which one to recommend for purchase.

I tried out PestPatrol, and it looks to a great job and scanning everyone on the network, especially with real time scans. However, the BIG problem I have with it is that each client machine has to cough up a massive amoung of memory to give to PestPatrol's remote services. Because of that, PestPatrol really slowed down our machines.

I'm impressed with Websense so far. Whereas PestPatrol is simply an antispyware solution, Websense is a comprehensive security package. However, I don't see much in the way of real-time spyware scanning like PP has. Websense seems to focus more on preventing malware from having access to the computer.

But I don't know much yet, since I've just been playing with the evaluation versions for the past couple of weeks.

Which program do you prefer and would recommend for an enterprise-wide solution?