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Thread: Updating BIOS

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    Updating BIOS

    I'm going to upgrade my BIOS for the first time, and I have a little question. The patches for my motherboards bios are found here . Do I have to install each update sequentially, or just the most recent? I'd normally think just the most recent, but the 1.4 patch is smaller than the 1.3 patch, so I don't see how it could contain all of the same stuff. Thanks for the help,
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    I would be inclined to say that the most recent was a cumulative issue.

    The size is not conclusive. If I issue a fix, it may well contain code to apply that fix to the previous version?

    In my next issue I may have re-written the code to incorporate that code, so no "fix" code is required?

    There is a contact us link at the top of the page. I suggest it would be safer to try that.

    EDIT: I just downloaded and opened the file, the instructions say get the latest version.

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