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    whenever i try to telnet to hotmail it doesn't wrk

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    What on earth made you think that it might? check out Hotmail, MS have made loads of changes to the terms and conditions recently? for example not being able to use outlook and outlook express. The functionality of the free accounts has been severely restricted.

    Anyway, telnet isn't the right tool to talk to mail servers is it?

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    People keep asking you what the point of all this is and you keep posting it so I'll assume all of this is just shits and giggles. You know... its just fun to get a response from people here, right? Its like pushing every button in an elevator just for fun & stuff only guess what... your not going anywhere with this, bud.

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    三he又pe姆alist: Sorry, but please do humanity a favor and shut up. If you aren't going to ATTEMPT to contribute something to a thread then don't bother. Please.

    Anyways, Telnet is so outdated that for the most part it isn't even the safest and most secure way to have a connection of that type (as opposed to SSH). However, why did you think MS would have such a security problem with their already changing outlook to Outlook? (hehe)
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