Yahoo! and Tally Ho!
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Thread: Yahoo! and Tally Ho!

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    Thumbs down Yahoo! and Tally Ho!

    I wonder how many members are aware of this little cosy bed-time relationship? It certainly came as a surprise to me:

    Yahoo! in with double click and mediaplex (who merged with ValueClick)??????????????

    What Yahoo will do in order to track clicks is add the mpvc= parameter into the redirect string as below

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    nope. Did not know.

    But haven't trusted yahoo for a few years.
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    Nice finding Nihil. I didn't know either. You wouldn't think so but then again you would be surprised.

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    I can't say that I was aware of this but I have been seeing this in the traffic logs that I review at work. Each time an employee goes to Yahoo!, I see doubleclick traffic with it. That sheds light on what is happening. Thanks for the info!
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    Good find Nihil, good thing I HATE yahoo and stay away from their stuff anyways. Can't wait to tell my dad because he loves yahoo, pfftt.

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