Hey whats up everyone, I just joined last night to help others in need and to discuss topics that people have in common with me. Lets see im 18 years old from Manchester NH, I Graduated Highschool 2 days ago, thank god. I am going to college for Comuter Information Systems, im getting CCNA, and Comptia A+ certified. I am very good on computers, and love fixing and securing and finding out as much info as possible about security, and Ethical Hacking. I snowboard and DJ, i spin trance house dnb hardstyle, and if the money's right ill play rap and raggae. My set up is getting fixed right now because im an idiot and dropped it but it's and ABS MAYHEM G4 with a seagate 100 GB HD A Nivida Genfore 6600 128 mb ram card, Centreno M Processor 512 MB ram Cd,dvd rw combo drive. Theres more to it but i dont feel like typing it all. So feel free to private message me if you want or post on here. I am looking forward to helping others and spreading alll the Knowlegde i know of.