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Thread: TrendMicro IWSS vs Bluecoat ProxyAV

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    TrendMicro IWSS vs Bluecoat ProxyAV

    Our company is about to buy the Blue Coat ProxySG, but we're not sure which anti-virus solutions to buy... Trend's IWSS or Blue Coat ProxyAV.

    Does anyone have some experience with one of the products?

    Could you give me the pro's and con's?


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    I don't know Blue Coat ProxySG, but i can give my opinion about Trend Micro

    I have been using Trend Micro for a year, im satisfied.

    I have all the packdge, Trend Micro Virus wall (for Email), Virus Server, Virus Client , anti spyware..etc

    Here is how it works

    you have a Anti-Virus Server, you can access via Web, and remote install on your network clients
    you can access the server outsite your network (you can access from a diferent country if you want to)

    you can schedule client scans, updates, lot of stuff
    theres a Email filter, you can install on your email server, he will filter, virus, joke virus,worms,key words of your choise
    he logs, and gives you graphics.

    its a great program, and its considerd the best of the market
    check on www.trendmicro.com for more info

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    yeah we use Trend in house right now and we are pretty pleased with it. Fairly good ease of use, support is great (at least compared to Symantec) and the impact of Virus Wall is negligable at best on our server(s)

    I can't speak to Blue Coat though as I have never seen their product.

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    I have been using trend micro for the last year and a half and so far it proved to be quite good..While we are at it I want to ask if anyone knows e-trust antivirus software and how reliable they are if so..Ipurchased a pc magazine and the coverdisk had a 90 day free trial version so..any comments are welcome please..I hope st_akn don,t mind but i did not want to make a new post and i thought he can benefit from it as well..

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    We are currently using Trend Micro for a large business 10,000+ It is satisfactory, and works well for networks. I do not think that it's worm remover tools, and virus database are as good as symantec's, but the AV itself works fine. It doesn't seem to use up too many system resources when in use, which is nice.

    as for CA's software. I've heard good and bad about it. It's VERY customizable, much like the windows registry. But, their support in recent years seems to have dwindled. Symantec and Trend would probably top my list of medium to large businesses. and Symantec for small business. As for personal PC's. I recommend www.free-av.com It is an excelent free home AV, and is developed in Germany. I've never had a virus that infected my system so bad that it couldn't be removed with free-av. Updates are regular, and easy to install. I've not tried their pay version, but I suspect that it would work just as well if not better than the free version.

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    Thank you all for your input.
    To bad no one has any experience with Blue Coat.

    In order to run Trend Mirco IWS you need a dual processor server and in our case based on Windows 2003.

    We already going to install Blue Coat ProxySG and together with Blue Coat ProxyAV, you have two appliances, but one management interface and ProxyAV is cheaper in price and maintemance.

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