Hello. Im having here a problem with Microsoft Picture IT.
I have installed in a workstation that works under a Microsoft Domain. This user can NOT have administrative rights, not localy and not on the domain.

But my problem with this, his that he needs this program so he can work, and the only way to make this program to work is giving local administrative rights.
I was wondering if there is an aplication, like Burnrights form nero, that could solve this problem.
Or maybe a script to "run as" administrator.
Is there a way to create an account with administrative rights, that can't login, but can run programs using the option "run as" ?

But this "Run as" does not please me, because this person can try to install a program using the same technique and will manage to install programs.

Does anybody have a solution.
I have tryied Microsoft, but they suck, they just told me to check there forums, there are nothing there.
An expensive software, and this is what they say
im glad to be a linux user, ehehe