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Thread: server vlan security

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    server vlan security

    Ok, here's what I got. I have a LAN with multiple vlans. Well i have my servers in one vlan and my client workstations in multiple vlans. Well none of my servers are using a firewall. Is it possible to put a hardware firewall between the vlans? Do I even need one? I don't want to go through the management of software firewalls. I do have a firewall that serves as my gateway to the internet. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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    what specifically is your hardware? i doubt what you describe is possible without some seriously potent hardware..expensive hardware.
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    Hey Hey,

    zencoder asked a very inportant question... The hardware that you are using..

    the other question is what do you want to answer is what exactly you want the firewall in place for.

    If your servers are hardened and properly secured and this is a trusted network, then a firewall is most likely not necessary...

    However if they aren't then a firewall is probably a decent way to add a little protection..

    You might want to investigate VLAN Maps... they might be able to provide you with the level of firewalling you're looking for.

    Anyways if you can answer those questions for us we can be of much greater assistance to you.

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