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Thread: PF usage?

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    PF usage?

    I am pretty good with computer in all. But what is PF usage and how do i lower it. I know it is better for it to be lower. Well from what i heard. Please correct me if i am wrong but thanks for all suggestion.

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    PF = Page File ?
    If so, PF Usage is simply how many megabytes of the Page File ( Virtual memory) you are using.

    To change it:
    Control Panel > System> Advanced Tab > The settings button for Performance > Advanced Tab > Go down to the Virtual Memory section and hit the Change button

    As far as I know, its not exactly better to have it lower. Just keep it in a satisfactory range, no more than 2 gigs, no less than 300 megs. It really depends on your system and how much RAM you have.
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