Ok, so it's not security, but since I got my Treo 650 I've been pretty heavy into WAP applications and web content via my phone/pda/thingamabobber. This is REALLY welcome news:

Google Launches Mobile Search Engine

Google has launched a new mobile version of its popular search engine to complement the Google Mobile service introduced in the US and Canada earlier this year. Google Mobile search supports WAP, XHTML and iMode handsets, and offers web and images searches. The service searches for pages written in extensible HTML, which are pages optimized for mobile internet users with pages designed to be viewed on a phone-sized screen.

Users will access the Google home page, and when they type in their query, they will select 'Mobile Web (Beta)' as the search option. The results are presented in a clean interface with a top 10 list for web searches, and a top 3 list for image searches.

Once a user clicks the link from Google, they are taken to a Google-formatted version of the content that has been reformatted for viewing on a mobile-phone sized screen.

"Try it the next time you visit Google on your mobile phone - you'll see a new option to search the Mobile Web. How different is it than standard web search? There are sites out there that have already been designed for your mobile phone, which makes them more navigable on the small screen. So we've created an index specifically for these sites. And so your phone can now be that much more useful," said software engineer Steven Schirripa in the Google blog headline.