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Thread: Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

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    Also 9/10 ... I read a book once about serial killers and how the FBI or alike profiles them it was very interesting.
    Also in this book they said there were certain features that were common (but not always there) for
    serial killers...some of these features you could see in the pictures.


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    I got 7/10... Whats the answer to yours spec?
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    The two soldiers had stolen his beer and cigs so some years later he found a way to see them agian to enact his revenge.

    I missed the second one. This was a younger guy. He looked pretty high too. Looked alot like a friend of mine and for that reason alone I should have picked differently since my friend is also a bit of a violent guy. The first picture before him had a black and white photo of a guy who looked kinda pissed, it seemed to be to much of a diversion. The rest where pretty obvious too... most either looked like movie villians or other serial killers.

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    6/10...that was hard

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    ..... OK, my Mom just scored 8.... Wow, she whipped your asses.
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    Oh yeah? Well she wiped yours...

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    i was asked that question before... the "stranger at the funeral" question.... i answered "because she would meet the guy she loved again".... and that proved my insanity and mental unstablility
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