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Thread: No http://, no www. and no .com just Firefox

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    No http://, no www. and no .com just Firefox

    Hey buddies, I have another reason why I no we love Firefox. Have any of you tried using search keywords in the address bar of firefox. It takes to the most relevent website just like google's "I'm feeling lucky". Type "yahoo mail" or "mail yahoo" or "yahoo email", it always lands to http://mail.yahoo.com and "gmail" for "http://gmail.google.com".

    Dialup users may find it disgusting due to the slower response because the keywords will go to google and google will find the page and then it will be displayed (I'd prefer writting full addy) but for high speed ones its pretty helpful.(atleast for me hope you will find too).


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    Isn't it that it is more due to google itself then of any help from firefox? it just send it to google as you said.
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    rider_royal is absolutely correct, it is because FireFox uses Google as its default search engine. This is nothing new, as Mozilla 1.7 does exactly the same.

    IE, on the other hand, uses the MSN search engine

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    I love the option to add custom search engine toolbars for dictionary.com, google.com, amazon.com and others in Firefox. Even with cable broadband why bother to load another page when you can save the time and just input it into a single box to begin with?

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